Mission Statement

Fisher Group Inc. seeks, develops and capitalizes on profitable opportunities.

We leverage our diverse knowledge, skills and experience of wholesale and retail distribution, fabrication, printing and fulfillment to provide valued goods and services.

We recognize our employees are the core of our success and are committed to their growth and development.

We continually strive to be the company of choice by nurturing relationships with our employees, customers, vendors and the community.


Our values are the attributes we feel will enable us to successfully fulfill our mission. They provide us with a basis for interaction with our company, our employees, our customers, and our vendors.

• Professionalism. This value is demonstrated by acting with respect, maturity, integrity, and confidence through appropriate language, appearance and conduct.
• Honesty. This value is demonstrated by being truthful in word and deed. Simply, it is to say and do the right thing.
• Quality. This value is demonstrated by providing products and services that our customers can depend on.
• Positive behavior. This value is demonstrated in a constructive manner with a willingness to be part of the solution.
• Customer service. This value is demonstrated by constantly and consistently exceeding internal and external customer expectations.
• Flexibility and adaptability. This value is demonstrated by being willing and eager to embrace change.
• Stewardship. This value is demonstrated by being accountable for the good care and safety of people, property and the environment and for the tasks for which we are personally responsible.